June 22, 2017

What to Wear to your Engagement Session

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It’s summertime, and our engagement season is in full swing! We always send a guide out to our clients to help them prepare for their session, and one of the things that we’re asked about most often is “What do we WEAR?!”. We were super excited about our outfits when it came to our own engagement session, so this part is always so fun for us to plan with our couples!

To help any bride and groom who’s facing a similar question, we’ve outlined a few suggestions that may help!

1. Get dressed up!

If you’ve always wanted to wear a designer gown, flowy maxi dress, or tulle skirt but just never had an occasion for it, this is your opportunity to do just that! In our opinion, you can never be “too dressed up” when it comes to your engagement session 🙂  Pairing your outfit with some heels or wedges, also makes all the difference! If you don’t already own something that gets you excited, and you don’t want to buy that super pricey dress you have your eye on, Rent the Runway is a great option!

For guys, we find that a long-sleeved button up shirt always makes them look their very best, and dress shoes really complete the look (unless we’re on the beach, and shoes become an afterthought!). For pants, it can largely depend on the colors the lady is wearing but khakis, slacks, or chinos can usually compliment any outfit perfectly!

2. Coordinate, but don’t match

As you’re planning your outfits, keep in mind that you’ll both look best in your photographs the outfits coordinate, but don’t “match”. Of course most of our brides usually plan their outfits first, but once you do, think about how your fiancé can wear a more muted version of what you’re wearing.

Like in Mallory and Nico’s photo below, her dress has a light floral pattern, and to compliment that, Nico wore a button-up that included muted tones from the colors in her dress (light blue), with pants that are a neutral color. Khakis are a perfect pant selection for any color shirt! When you compliment colors this way, no one is pulling too much attention away from the other one, and the entire image comes together seamlessly.

3. Tone it down

When you’re picking a color scheme for your outfits, light and muted tones are definitely our personal favorites because they create that light and airy style we love so much. These colors also don’t distract from the expressions on your faces, or the location you’ve so thoughtfully selected to do your session! Some of our favorite muted colors are gray, beige, white, and any pastel. Lace and light floral patterns also photograph beautifully!

4. Consider your location

The backdrop for your photos can really set the tone for the entire session, and help you imagine the type of outfit you think would really compliment the location’s natural beauty. Typically couples pick two locations so they can have a ton of variety in their photographs, and usually change outfits in between 🙂  Although we mostly photograph our sessions at two locations, keep in mind when choosing your locations that they shouldn’t be further than 15 minutes apart in driving distance. You don’t want to spend any more of that gorgeous sunset light in the car than you have to!

5. Get Pampered

If you’re not doing a Bridal Session, or even if you are, this is a great opportunity to get a hair and make-up trial run in – and kill two birds with one stone! Professional hair and make-up always photographs so beautifully, and it will make you feel that much more confident when stepping in front of the camera. We’ll also be getting acquainted with your new shiny accessory, so be sure your nails are ready for their close-up and your ring is clean!

6. Don’t settle for just one

Most of our couples choose two outfits – because, why not?! If you can’t decide between two dresses or outfits, this is a great opportunity to get shots in both options, so you have a variety of images to choose from after your session.

7. It’s All About The Details

We know that your outfits are of course going to be showcased most prominently, but we also love incorporating the smaller details you curated so thoughtfully into your images. Guys can use this opportunity to wear their favorite watch, and ladies can wear a statement necklace or large earrings (Kendra Scott anyone?!).

We hope these tips were helpful, and that you feel ready to pick out the outfits you’ll be wearing in your engagement photos!

If there’s anything else you’d like to hear about as you’re going through your wedding planning experience, we’d love to hear from you!

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    Amazing article, this is what I was looking for , I mean the information is relevant , thanks for such beautifully written article.

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