September 19, 2018

Santa Cruz Engagement Session – Kearstyn + Jake

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Kearstyn and Jake flew out from Ohio to celebrate their 2 year dating anniversary in California, and thought a couples’ shoot would be the perfect way to commemorate this milestone. Little did Kearstyn know though, that Jake had a special ending planned for the shoot – a proposal!

We started off our shoot in Santa Cruz surrounded by beautiful redwood trees and mountains in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, and ended up at one of our favorite secluded beaches. We had so much fun getting to know these two, but were so nervous for the big moment the entire time, that it was just about all we could think about! Luckily Jake totally kept his cool, and was cracking jokes the entire time, so Kearstyn had absolutely no idea what was in store for her 🙂  As the sun was just about to set, and we were keeping Kearstyn preoccupied with some individual portraits, Jake got down on one knee just behind her. He called her name, and as soon as she turned around, her jaw dropped! She quickly went from being confused to understanding just what was about to happen, and we just couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear!

Kearstyn ran over to Jake as he began to explain just how much she meant to him, before finally asking for her to be his wife! To no surprise, Kearstyn excitedly said YES, and held out her shaking left hand for Jake to slip on her new engagement ring. He even custom designed it with their birthstones embedded under the main diamond! Jake let out a shout in excitement, yelling “We’re getting married!”, and then swept Kearstyn up and spun her around the beach! They spent the rest of the week exploring California, and now had something brand new to celebrate.

Congratulations to Kearstyn and Jake as they embark on this new journey as fiancées!!!


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  1. Sharon

    October 2nd, 2018 at 3:28 AM

    These are insanely beautiful!

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